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Key Features

0% Listing Commission

Use The Latest Technology To Market On The MLS, Create Competition And Get The Most Money For Your Home.

Agent Support

Our Team is here to help. We are experts in Real Estate and Marketing. We will be with you every step of the way from Marketing to Closing.

Max Exposure

Create competition using MLS marketing and the latest technology to create exposure and drive more offers for your home.

Close On Your Terms

Pick the offer that works best for you. With the guidance of our team we will help you pick the offer that fits your needs from price to closing date.

Getting Started Is Easy

iList Bid Now Platform is a revolutionary new way to sell your home. Create Demand, Create Competition and Sell for More
  • Customize your value and create a dashboard
  • Review our MLS page and Bidding Dates
  • Pick the best offer that works for you

So How Does Bid Now Really Work?


Explore your values and create your custom selling dashboard. Add your property details, features and photos. And don’t worry, our team will review everything.

Confirm your Bid Now Details

Our team will review your property info and help set the best bidding terms with you - type, dates and terms prior to going live on the MLS.


Marketing will include MLS and other real estate sites to create demand. As buyer agents engage and place offers they will be displayed in your dashboard to review when auction ends.


Upon completion of the auction you can accept, reject and or counter the offers/bids. Our team will assist in reviewing the offers and contracts to ensure a smooth closing.

Looking for other ways to sell ?

We have you covered.

What Option is Best for You?

3% Full Service Listing

with dedicated agent

List for 3% - Pay at Closing

More Services, More Marketing all with Seller Automation. The 3% commission is for the listing side, we recommend offering the buyer's agent an additional 2.5% commission.

MLS + Zillow + Realtor.com + YouTube

List on MLS, realtor.com, Zillow, etc., + social media boost

Seller Dashboard

Home Value reports, Showing Services and Offer Alerts

Full Package

Virtual Tour, Layout Drawing, Professional Photos...some sellers choose not to have the full package...in that case the listing fee can be reduced to as little as 1.5%. Call Goran today to discuss that option. 773-273-9155

4% Full Listing + Renovation

Renovate your property and sell for maximum profit, best part is you pay at closing.

4% Full Service Listing + Renovation

Free consultation and scope of work provided to you with an estimate of the costs and what your property can sell for after renovations.

MLS + Zillow + Realtor.com

List on MLS, realtor.com, Zillow, etc., + social media boost

Seller Dashboard

Home Value reports, Showing Services and Offer Alerts

Construction Consultant

Goran is an experienced Real Estate/Construction Consultant that can help you realize the most profit for your property sale.

Private Network Listing

Discover the Power of Private Network Listing: Your Key to Exclusive Home Selling!

Create a Sense of Exclusivity:

Elevate your property's status with our Private Network Listing. Enjoy a sense of exclusivity and connect with a discerning group of buyers actively seeking homes through our exclusive network, ensuring a premium and personalized experience.

Test the Market Confidently:

Perfect for homeowners wanting to dip their toes into the market discreetly. Test the waters before making a public splash and ensure you find the right buyer on your terms.

Less Hassle, More Control:

Not every homeowner wants the entire world to know their house is for sale. Homes on the Private Network are discreetly listed, sparing you from the overwhelming exposure on public sites like Zillow and Redfin.

Upgrade Option with Flexibility:

Enjoy the power of choice! Start with our Private Network Listing and, when the time is right, seamlessly transition to a public MLS listing.

Bid Now

List For 0-3% on the MLS and create competition

List for 0-3% Total Commission

Drive competition with all of the Perks of an Agent and the MLS. Buyer pays their own agent.

MLS + Zillow + Realtor.com

List on MLS, realtor.com, Zillow, etc., + social media boost

Seller Dashboard

Home Value reports and Offer Alerts

Grand Open House Weekend

Your house sale will be a weekend event with massive advertising driving the most interest to your property. Open house held on Sat and Sun, buyers are prequalified in order to bid, bidding starts at the end of the event and ends on the following Wednesday at noon.

Cash Offer

Receive multiple Cash offers

Multiple Cash offers

Why settle for just one - let us bring you multiple cash offers. Sell for cash and avoid the hassle of a typical sale like prepping the house, making the property available to public at all times, NO fixing and/or repairs, etc.

Local plus national buyers

Tap into large buyers and local buyers and create competition

Seller Dashboard

Home Value reports, Showing Services and Offer Alerts

As-is Sales Specialist

Your Cash Sale will be handled by a professional that knows how to sell a property as-is with no BS.

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